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Core Advantages

1. R&D: continue to invest resources in technology research and development in the field of degradation, and obtain a number of patents in China and Europe; We have our own R&D centers and laboratories in Taiwan and Dongguan to support our leading position in product technology;

2. Product Quality: The functional degradants and biodegradable particles developed by our company, as well as the degradable products (disposable tableware, shopping bags/garbage bags and other bags, shoe materials, agricultural film, mulch film...) produced by our company, have all passed the certification of German Rheinland TUV, SGS, European REACH Testing, China Plastics Testing and other authoritative institutions;

3. Service: HongSheng provides complete and professional OEM /ODM services from raw materials to molded products, and supports customers to expand and consolidate the market as much as possible;

4. Output and Delivery time: We have multiple production bases in East China and South China to ensure sufficient output and meet various delivery time requirements of customers;


According to the requirements of customers, we provide various personalized production plans to meet the different requirements of the market and national standards.

For example, according to the recyclable and environmental protection standards of different countries, the degradation rate and degree of products are customized, which meet the regulatory and environmental requirements, and also meet the market demand for cost-effective degradation products;

For example, according to the needs of customers in different industries, the sales cycle and service life of products, adjust the activity and content of biodegradable agents, and accurately customize the degradation trigger time;


It is our tenet to make continuous progress and try our best to provide the most satisfactory solution for customers.

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