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HS® is Biodegradable Environmental-friendly Plastic supplier in China, specializing in research, development, production and sales of Biodegradable Environmental-friendly materials and products, like Biodegradable  Food Packing ,Biodegradable Household Goods .HongSheng is a high-tech and Biodegradable environment-friendly new material factory, which has its own original core technology and applys for its own trademark. HongSheng are able to provide all kinds of Customized Biodegradable Environmental-friendly Plastic products Because HongSheng has been deeply engaged in the field of materials for decades and has many workshops. It has absolute advantages in terms of price and delivery time, and can meet the requirements of customers all over the world.
Biodegradable Environmental-friendly Plastic products ,including Biodegradable  Food Packing  and  Biodegradable Household Goods , are made by  "plastic biodegradable agent (functional masterbatch)" and "biodegradable particles" , which are created by HongSheng, and now applied for many products, like Biodegradable  Disposable containers, Disposable Straw ,Drinking bottles,Biodegradable Spoon ,Biodegradable  Filter Mesh,  Chopping board,Plastic  Bags,Skin-care case and Teeth brush head.
HongSheng has established R&D centers, laboratories and production bases in Taiwan, Dongguan, Guangxi and East China; It has obtained marketing licenses in China, Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and Taiwan.
Also ,HongSheng have all passed the certification of German Rheinland TUV, SGS, European REACH Testing, China Plastics Testing and other authoritative institutions.
With years of experience in production Biodegradable Environmental-friendly Plastic, we can supply a wide range of Biodegradable Environmental-friendly Plastic.
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Degradable Film Applicator

Degradable Film Applicator

HS® is a leading China Degradable Film Applicator manufacturers, suppliers and exporter. The Degradable Film Applicator is smooth, clean, sanitary, resilient, safe and healthy, and comfortable to handle.

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Our high quality Biodegradable Environmental-friendly Plastic is not only price list, but also CE certified. HS is a famous Biodegradable Environmental-friendly Plastic manufacturers and suppliers in China. We provide customized services. Welcome to buy latest selling and newest products from our factory.
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